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    Four Dimensions is a California incorporation and has its principal office in Hayward, California.


    Founded in 1978 by Dr. James T.C. Chen, Four Dimensions, Inc. began in the development of six-point probe systems and manual probe systems. We have an ongoing development of fully automated four-point probe systems along with CVmap systems for today's metrology needs.  Today Four Dimensions, Inc. is at the forefront of developing leading technology for ultra shallow junction characterization.

Job Opening - #EE0619 Electrical Engineer

Job Duties:
Develop testing equipment for wafers and solar panel. Set up PCB design; design and develop electronic circuit for testing flat panel using layout tools such as Eagle PCB schematic, LTSpice simulation; design current sources, amplifier and filter circuits, driver and isolation circuits, and power supplies. Develop and execute validation procedures to test circuit development. Identify and resolve issues in circuit board layout and design, test code, and component integration. Design & specify automated fixtures for board level production testing and construct fixtures for component evaluation.

Job Requirements:
MSEE + 3 yrs. exp. in electrical system design and development. At least 1 year in power management circuit (AC-DC, DC-DC power converter), embedded systems & mixed signal integration circuit design. Must have exp. in: CMOS semiconductor device physics and silicon processing, current sources & PCB design and circuit simulations with LTSpice simulation, VB6, motor control and digital/analog I/O circuit design.

Job Location: Hayward, CA.

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