About Four Dimensions Inc.

    Four Dimensions is a California incorporation and has its principal office in Hayward, California.


    Founded in 1978 by Dr. James T.C. Chen, Four Dimensions, Inc. began in the development of six-point probe systems and manual probe systems. We have an ongoing development of fully automated four-point probe systems along with CVmap systems for today's metrology needs.  Today Four Dimensions, Inc. is at the forefront of developing leading technology for ultra shallow junction characterization.

July 15-17, 2008, Semicon West, San Francisco, North Hall 6147

2008: We celebrate our 30 year anniversary!

2008: Four Dimensions introduces a new way to characterize ultra-shallow junctions (USJ) by corrected CV-plotting. This technique is an extencion of our CVmap systems' CV-profiling  capability.

2007: Four Dimensions developed a modified four point probe that can obtain the sheet resistance and junction conductivity of ultra shallow implanted layers in a single probing. The same setup can obtain the contact resistance of metal or silicide films on Silicon.

2005: Four Dimensions developed a new methodology to characterize Poly-Silicon below SiO2 as found in flat-panel displays.

2005: Four Dimensions is introducing CV92M, a non-mapping basic version of their CVmap Mercury probe system. It features the same outstanding contact area repeatability and safety at a fraction of the price of the mapping systems. It is targeted for start-up companies and research labs of universities.

2004: Four Dimensions is now offering Mercury four point probing at lower cost. This is achieved by developing an independent station for the mercury four point probe. Previously Mercury four point probing was only available within the CVmap series.

2003: Based on decades of experience with needle four point probes and C-V, I-V Mercury probing stations, Four Dimensions develops a Mercury four point probe. Accuracy and repeatability test on ultra shallow implanted layers are very successful. The four point probe head can be obtained as an upgrade to CVmap 3092A/B systems, both desktop and C to C.