We provide four point probes with an extended measurement range or sophisticated probing for compound semiconductors. Our latest innovation is a Modified four point probe for measuring pn junction leakage and sheet resistivity in the same probing step meeting the requirements for ultra shallow junction probing.


    Our CVmap systems perform capacitance-voltage ( CV ) and current-voltage ( IV ) measurements directly on the unmetalized wafer using a uniquely designed Mercury probe.

We offer the widest range of Mercury probe geomertries and special capacitance measurement electronics. This permits our systems to probe and characterize a wide range of materials, including semi-conductors, oxides, dielectrics, SOI ( silicon on insulator ), and films on conducting or insulating substrates.


  • small low budget manually operated systems
  • research and development oriented desktop systems
  • production-line oriented fully automated cassette to cassette systems capable of handling wafers up to 300mm in diameter or flat panels
  • customized tools

In addition we provide measurement service using our advanced characterization tools.