Other Accessories

      Temperature Chamber:

      • Temperature chamber to keep wafer surface at controlled temperature for Curie temperature measurement
      • Y-Theta movement

      Hot chuck:

      • Designed for mobile ion detection
      • Room temperature to 250 C
      • Heating and cooling controlled by CVmap software

    Accessories for Mercury Probe CVmap Systems

    probe station:

    • Designed for use with ferro-electric materials
    • Setup for 0 to 1MHz C-V and P-E plotting with CV Map 92B computer
    • Motor driven precision X-Y-Theta with 10 micron resolution
    • Gold plated 8" chuck for maintaining low contact resistance to the wafer backside, with vacuum for wafer holding
    • Stereo microscope, LCD camera viewers, and light source
    • Monitor for displaying LCD camera view
    • Probe up-down hand controlled lever with adjustable down probing limit
    • Enclosure with easy to handle cover for keeping out interference