Resistivity 2D Contour Map

    Resistivity 3D Map

    CVmap Software

    Features of the CVmap software:

    • SEMI E95 compliant
    • Cartesian or polar input of measurement sites
    • Up to 200 sites
    • Configurable measurement methods with high degree of versatility
      • Measurement sites
      • Measurement parameters
      • Analysis parameters
      • Display parameters
    • X-Y graphs of individual sites
    • Color 2D contour and 3D mapping of specified measurement values
    • Easy data handling:
      • Librarian data storage
      • Easy data retrieval through search function
      • data export to ASCII files
      • remote data access via LAN (in development)
      • SECS-II optional
    • Diagnostics function
    • Multiple user management with selectable security level
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Control of external meters with GPIB (IEEE) bus (optional)
    • Runs on Microsoft Windows 10
    • Customization available