Basic Safety features of Mercury Probe Systems

    Concerning safety, we are proud to say that our Mercury probing systems are considered to be the safest on the market. This is due to the following:

    • Design
      • upward facing probe head
      • no chance of mercury dripping down from probe head
    • Safe Mercury handling
      • spill proove non-breakable container
      • reservoir replacement only twice a year
      • factory recycling
      • Shipping of Mercury in IATA approved packaging
    • Refreshing Mercury before each contact
      • clean contact
      • Prove by independent laboratory that no traces of mercury remains on the surface of Si and SiO2 test samples after repeated measurements (XTRF, TOF-SIMS)
      • no adhesion to semiconductor surfaces
    • No mercury vapor detected in and around system by independent environmental agency
    • Emergency Mercury spill cleanup system provided