Resistivity 2D Contour Map

    Resistivity 3D Map

    Automap Software


    • Cartesian or polar maps with measurements up to more than 600 sites
    • full or partial wafer mapping
    • color 2D contour and 3D mapping
    • 1, 5, 9 points measurement arrays, diameter scans, and ASTM/SEMI X-patterns
    • customer specified measurement sites up to 5000 points
    • round or rectangular test patterns
    • thickness correction
    • edge correction
    • temperature correction (optional)
    • measurement units: sheet resistance W/sq, resistivity W-cm, resistance V/I, thickness t(µ), thickness t(Å)
    • easy unit conversion
    • librarian data storage
    • p-n type detection
    • repeatability testing
    • data export to ASCII files or Microsoft Excel
    • remote data access via LAN
    • diagnostics
    • selectable security levels user
    • runs on Microsoft Windows 10
    • statistical process control (SPC) option
    • check whether a process is within control limits using X-Bar/R charts and histograms
    • SECS-II optional