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Four-Point Probe Selection Guide

Type Application Material Tip Radius @ Contact Area Radius Force
Type-A Metal films, ITO, amorphous Si, poly silicon, SOI, bulk substrates Tungsten Carbide 25 um or 45um 90-200g
Type-B General Purpose: medium to thick epitaxial layers, diffused layers, metal films, implants 2-10 microns Tungsten Carbide 100um 90-200g
Type-M epitaxial, diffused and ion implanted layers (500 A to 5 um), especially very shallow ion implanted layers Tungsten Carbide 300um @ 120um 90-200g
Type-N Very shallow implants Tungsten Carbide 500um 90-200g
Type-C III-V compound semiconductors, e.g. GaAs, InAs Osmium 100um 60-150g
Mercury Ultra shallow implants, ultra thin layers Mercury   ~0
Custom Customized tips Various Various