Four-Point Probe Systems:

      • sheet resistance
      • resistivity
      • film thickness

    Mercury Probe CVmap Systems:

    Measurement techniques

    Capacitance-Voltage (CV):

    • Cd (square wave deep pulse)
    • Cq (square wave quasi static)
    • Ch (square wave high frequency)
    • Sinusoidal Ch (Agilent 4192A, 4285 A, Keithley 590)

    Current Voltage (IV):

    • Current range 10fA to 1mA, Voltage range up to +/-100V
    • extended Voltage range +/- 1000V (Keithley 2410, 237)
    • Constant current
    • Constant voltage
    • Multi terminal IV curves (pseudo MOST technique)



    Oxide and gate material (low k, high k) characterization and integrity monitoring:

    • Cox (Oxide capacitance)
    • tox (Oxide thickness)
    • K value (dielectric constant)
    • K-f (frequency dependent dielectric constant)
    • teq (equivalent oxide thickness)
    • Vfb (flat band voltage)
    • Dit (Interface trap density)
    • (Sheet) Resistance and Resistivity measurement of SiO2 and semi-insulating materials
    • TDDB (Time dependent dielectric breakdown) tests:
      • tbd (time to breakdown)
      • Qbd (Charge to Breakdown)
      • Vbd (ramp breakdown Voltage)
      • Defect density (Density of defect causing early breakdown, e.g. Pinhole density)
      • Cumulative failure analysis
      • Furnace Contamination monitoring
    • Mobile ion concentration with hot chuck
    • Current-Voltage (IV):
      • leakage current mapping
      • ultra thin oxide thickness mapping
    • Stress testing (CV, V stress, CV)

    Doping and low dose ion implantation monitoring:

    • N(W) (doping density profiling of raw wafer and epitaxial layers)
    • PØ (partial dose)
    • I (Ion implantation density)

    Determining carrier generation lifetime:

    • C-I (Capacitance vs. Current)
    • tg (Carrier generation lifetime)

    SOI characterization (B systems):

    • Pseudo MOST technique
      • Id-Vg (Drain current vs. Gate Voltage ) at varying Vd (Drain Voltage)
      • gm-V (transconductance vs. Voltage)
      • Electron and hole mobility
      • Ø Mobility degradation factor
    • Buried oxide characterization
      • Leakage mapping
      • C-Vg (Capacitance-gate Voltage) for Dit (Interface trap density)


    Compound Semiconductors

    • N(W) Carrier density profiling
    • Resistivity of semi-insulating substrates or layers
    • Pinch-off Voltage

    High Resistivity Materials (Undoped Poly-Silicon, Carbon film)

    • I-V (Current vs. Voltage)
    • (Sheet) Resistance and Resistivity measurement

    Ferroelectric materials

    • K-E (dielectric vs. electric field)
    • P-E (polarization vs. electric field)
    • K-f (dielectric vs. frequency) with Model 192 probe station
    • K-T (dielectric vs. temperature) with temperature chamber for Tc (Curie temperature)
    • Hysteresis loop